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Electricity is no doubt one of the most useful and astonishing, natural phenomena to occur and has most definitely become the backbone of modern society. Due to its extraordinary versatility, electricity has been found to have limitless uses from a grand, industrial, scale to everyday household use. Electricity however, if not handled in a careful and cautious manner can pose serious and sometimes fatal threats known as “Electrical hazards”.

Statistics have shown that in the average household,babies and children tend to roam freely and have easy access to electrical outlets and devices, which can lead to potential electrical hazards. Childproofing your house from such threats and hazards can prove to be a very smart and beneficial in the long term.


How To Protect Your Kids From Electrical Hazards

Identifying electrical hazards in your home is serious business and should not be taken lightly.  One should begin by going from room to room within the home and getting down on your hands and knees. By doing this you can then begin to identify any electrical hazards. This gives you the visual perspective of a child, how interesting. Also be sure to check behind furniture and counter tops, as outlets can be found in those areas as well.

An important safety precaution for one to keep in mind, is to secure electrical cords. Cords can easily be dislodged by pulling. Perhaps by accident or even purposely, usually by children or babies just out of curiosity. A device can fall due to tugging, causing serious injury or even shock. Whatever the occurrence. Taking safety measures to eliminate these types of hazards, should be a priority of every household. Tucking away electrical cables in areas beyond the reach of children, rolling up cords and tying them off with a zip tie, the use of power strip covers, can all serve as ways to prevent electrical hazards in the home or causing serious injury to anyone.

Power strips are a commonly, used, electrical device in traditional households and are known to power numerous devices simultaneously. In areas where power bars are located, numerous cords are often piled up and tangled. This poses serious, electrical and fire hazards. Childproofing power bars is simple and effective. The first step is to purchase and install power strip covers, on power bars, that are easily accessed by children. These covers, wrap around the power bar, with a hole at the bottom which provides an exit for the cords. This prevents child tampering,tripping, cord over-runs or pulling of the cords.

Multiple, electrical, outlets can be found in each room, throughout the household. Some can be situated in such a way, that they are exposed to children, who tend to sometimes poke foreign objects into these outlets. This is very dangerous behavior, which can result in electric shock or can even be fatal. A straightforward way to eliminate this hazard, is to install electrical outlet caps or safety plates. These caps cover the tops of electrical outlets and ensure that exposed areas are blocked from such occurrences. They also provide an overall, general, safety to members of the household. Contact Spyrka Electric for more safety tips.