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Power strip protection is one more safety component that you should have in your home. Not all power strips will grant you the benefits associated with electrical protection.

A power strip is simply a block of electrical outlets utilized to dish out power to multiple devices. Some may supply surge issues and there is no telling which ones are best just by looking.  Therefore it is best to speak to a professional electrician.

energy savings with turning off electrical appliances

Do I Really Require Surge Protection?

If you are not constantly upgrading your appliances then your response will be a resonating yes. Many situations can develop, causing devastating power surges.  Some of them include:

  • Weather, traffic and animal associated power line damage
  • Blackouts due to overuse in the area
  • The switching on and off of large appliances within your home can result in a power surge

Which Power Strip is Suitable For
My Appliances?

Homeowners have found Advanced Power Strips (APS) to be very useful.  These help to reduce the occurrence of phantom loads. The inexpensive APS technology has characteristics such as built-in timers, remote control operations and motion detectors.  Exceptionally suitable for home offices and entertainment centers. Similar to the conventional power strips, surge protection is provided with some of them but not all.

A GFCI power strip can be used to automatically shorten power when a short circuit is discovered and can lessen risk of an electrical fire and electrocution in areas of the home where there is high water usage.  The use of appliances in kitchens and bathrooms makes this type of power strip useful.

Office and bench/cabinet power strips come with multiple outlets for added space. This will enable you to charge or power appliances, electronics, mobile devices and power tools.  The disadvantage is however, is that they don’t offer surge protection.

Wall-mount surge protectors not only supply added outlet features but surge protection as well. They supply basic surge protection in light areas where full protection strips would be complicated to store safely.

Reach out to us and let us help you with your electrical needs.  Our professional and friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any electrical query you may have.

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