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Outdoor Patio Lighting Extends Patio Enjoyment Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa CAWhen the sun goes down, why send everybody home? Outdoor patio lighting unlocks tons of possibilities so you can enjoy outdoor living around the clock. In the Sonoma County area, you will even want to use your patio in three or four seasons!

If you’re relying on inadequate string lights or the glow of a chiminea, you need to consider wiring the deck or patio for lighting. With the right design and strategy, outdoor patio lighting can be tasteful and esthetically pleasing while making the backyard safer and more functional.

Outdoor Patio Lighting Options:

Consider all the ways you can get more enjoyment out of your patio with a professionally designed and installed lighting system:

Backyard cooking: Ever try to grill in the dark? Nobody wants undercooked chicken or scorched kabobs! You can cook much better on outdoor kitchen equipment with proper outdoor patio lighting — and you won’t have to burn a million tealights to eat.

Outdoor cocktail party: Nighttime on the patio entrances your guests and makes dramatic and exciting use of the outdoor ambiance. Tasteful outdoor patio lighting can provide ample light for while letting you enjoy drinks and dessert under the night sky.

Date night: The patio transforms into a romantic setting with the right outdoor patio lighting. If you have kids, you can enjoy date nights in the backyard while the kids play safely indoors.

TV & movie screenings: With a weather-protected television or HD projector, your patio can offer the fun setting of a drive-in movie. Watching sports outside also feels more exciting. Outdoor patio lighting makes it easy to snack and interact while watching outdoor TV.

Electrical Wiring for Outdoor Patio Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be tricky. The wiring needs to be protected and the design must benefit the ways you will actually be using the space. Not only do you need some area lighting for key areas, but you also need walkways lit. The lighting should be sufficient without overdoing it.

Some tips for an outdoor lighting scheme you’ll love:

  • Mix it up with different kinds of lighting fixtures
  • Respect the neighbors and avoid shining light toward them
  • Protect yourself from falls and accidents with ground lighting in walkways
  • Work with the space by lighting trees and garden areas as well as seating areas
  • Make it versatile in case you want to rearrange furniture; outdoor patio lighting should work for several different arrangements
  • Test it out to avoid lighting that’s too bright or in-your-face when it’s pitch dark outside

Make sure your outdoor patio lighting provides years of easy, reliable enjoyment by talking to a professional electrician who can wire and install the lighting.

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