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Before you spring into action and attempt to become a DIY hero, think about what could go wrong if the repairs you make are less than perfect. Saving a few bucks and patting yourself on the back are small reward for the safety risks. Bring in a professional for Novato electrical repair work to keep your home safe, pass your next inspection, and enjoy reliable power.

Let’s look at some of the most common electrical repairs in Novato. These are jobs that a licensed electrician can handle in a couple of hours or less, so there’s no need to lose a weekend to YouTube videos—or suffer a mild electrocution!

Frayed Wiring

Novato Electrical Repairs

You’ve removed a dead outlet or looked behind a wall and seen frayed, damaged electrical wiring. Like split hairs in need of a good conditioner. Someone could get shocked or a spark could cause a house fire.

Duct tape isn’t the magic elixir it’s reported to be. Ask a Novato electrical repair specialist to figure out why your wiring gets frayed, replace the damaged wiring, and correctly patch up the connections.

Burnt Outlets

Don’t automatically blame the hairdryer or coffee pods. Overheated wires and overloaded circuits cause blackened, scorched, or hot-to-the-touch wall outlets. This means you have an underlying issue to resolve, not just an outlet replacement.

An electrician can help by calculating the circuit load, checking the wire gauges and breaker size, and determining the Novato electrical repair you need—a service upgrade, an extra circuit installed, or just a new outlet.

Breaker Tripping Constantly

Breakers that trip repeatedly are doing their job by sounding an alarm, not failing. If you’re only using a small amount of power in a room but the breaker trips, you need to find a Novato electrical repair company to look at the panel and wiring. Even if you’re certain you just need a circuit breaker replacement, that should be done by a licensed contractor to make sure you get the right size and type of breaker for the circuit.

New Wiring Installation

You might be tempted to install new wiring for outdoor lighting, a refrigerator in the garage, or other appliances where the wiring is physically accessible. Even though you are comfortable with electrical wiring, you should consult a pro to make sure your breaker panel can handle the additional load and to install the wiring up to code per the NEC.

Electrical Panel Repair

Altering or repairing a breaker panel or fuse box might be the surest way to create a fire hazard or fry your appliances. Electrical panels are deceptively simple. Whether it’s a simple breaker switch replacement or a riskier job like double-tapping a breaker, you need to know about wiring, grounding, and electrical safety.

Besides the safety concerns, it’s a good idea to call in Novato electrical repair services to save you time and money. The repair bill will pale in comparison to many hours of your time, repeated trips to the hardware store, and buying tools you’ll never use again.

Go local and enjoy family-friendly service and pricing for Novato electrical repair—contact us today for an estimate.