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Home Network Wiring ElectricianRecently we did network wiring for a home in Santa Rosa, CA. We advised the homeowner to think ahead.

In our daily lives, it’s enough to keep up with technology. When it comes to preparing your home for operating tomorrow’s technologies, it’s more important to think ahead and leave yourself options.

You may not know exactly what technologies you’ll use in the future. It is certain, though, that your house should be wired to prepare for all the things you—and future homebuyers, should you ever sell—will consider necessities of life years from now. From home network wiring to “smart home” features, an electrician can help empower you to stay ahead of the curve.

Basic wiring everywhere for modern lifestyles

Decades ago, we had so many fewer electronics that homes needed fewer power outlets. It’s now standard to have outlets on virtually every wall and cable jacks in many more places than just the living room. Being wired for more accessibility not only makes life easier as we grow more attached to our many devices, but it also improves the home’s aesthetics: more built-in wiring means not having wires and cables running along the baseboards.

Home network wiring for connections everywhere

People are already spending far more time on smartphones and tablets than we are on desktop computers. We need Wi-Fi available throughout the house, and we also need a powerful home network for things like wireless printing and sharing files. Home network wiring helps accomplish all of this.

A powerful router can provide Wi-Fi throughout much of a home, but many homes need more. Home network wiring can include multiple routers using the same internet connection. This gets you online in more places and lets you use more devices. Add up the connected devices in your home: phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, DVRs and internet TV… you need a lot of connectivity, and you need it in every room of the house.

You can also hardwire the home to provide internet in many rooms. Home network wiring uses special Category 5 wiring to bring Ethernet to multiple places so you can enjoy the fastest possible connection at every workspace, every television, and anywhere you’d prefer the secure connection of a direct line. If this sounds like overkill now, trust that in a matter of time you and future residents will be needing this access.

Wired audio/video for whole house entertainment

Entertainment is also evolving with new technology, including the need for wired audio/video throughout the home. Having your speaker systems wired behind the walls lets you enjoy a clutter-free look. It also integrates with home network wiring: we’re buying our music in the cloud, in the palms of our hands. The wired home lets you enjoy your new favorite song throughout the home seconds after purchasing it on your smartphone. You can even wire the patio with speakers to enjoy your tunes outdoors.

Home theater rooms also benefit from professionally installed wiring. Being set up for top-of-the-line audio, built-in large screens, and internet-enabled devices to stream content will be key for years to come. You want to kick back in the recliner and enjoy the show, not a mess of wires all around.

Using home network wiring for smart home features

Home network wiring also enables many smart home features. From controlling your appliances and air conditioning to operating security and surveillance systems, your home needs some special preparation for all the smart home functionality.

Smart technology typically works within your home network wiring as well as wireless. You’ll operate many of the features right from an app on your phone, but you need the wiring to make it all happen.

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