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With all the latest technologies being introduced, homeowners are jumping at every opportunity to utilize these new and efficient ways to enhance, secure and upgrade their homes. When it comes to lighting in and around the premises, owners can have quite a daunting task in finding the right motion sensor lighting set up. Well look no more as occupancy sensored lights are an excellent choice to light in and around the home while at the same time being energy efficient.

motion sensor lightingHow To Choose Motion Sensor Lighting For Your Home

Apart from being inexpensive they can be quickly and easily installed in walls or ceilings without any hassle to homeowners. These lights detect movement and so when areas of the house are unoccupied the lights go out and turn on again when occupants return to the room.

This lighting strategy may seem unusual when compared to traditional lighting schemes but it is actually very effective. In areas where lights are frequently left on like bathrooms, storage areas and outside the home is where motion sensored lights can better serve their purpose.

Even though motion sensored lights are popular for conserving energy and reducing energy bills by only lighting areas when necessary, their sole purpose is to serve as an excellent home security and alert feature.

If you are installing motion sensor lighting in your home for security reasons being knowledgeable about the types of motion detectors could help to give you an insight as to which type is right for your home.

The passive infrared sensor is the most common sensor used in home security and functions by detecting heat sources that move past the infrared sensor. Once this movement is detected the detector then sounds an alarm.

Another very efficient motion sensor available today is an active infrared sensor. These emit electrical signals using infrared light beams that project to a light detector. In event that these beams become distorted or are interrupted in any way the detector will sound an alarm.

In addition to this if homeowners wish to have a contingency put in place to backup their alarm system in event that it fails, motion detectors will sense the intruder and sound the alarm. With that said homeowners won’t have to worry about the sensors going off constantly if activity around the home is high for instance if guests are visiting as the sensors can be easily disabled.

Motion sensor technology has advanced tremendously over the years and offers state of the art security and energy efficient features in and around the home. Homeowners can save tons money with lighting so efficient and they can also have peace of mind as they will feel an extra sense of security in their homes. Contact us for more information.

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