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World Record Lighting Displays | Rohnert Park Local Electrician Spyrka ElectricAcross the globe, people love going crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations. We’ve rounded up some of the most amazing Christmas lights displays from around the world — take a look and get in the spirit!

Even locally here in Sonoma County, our neighbors in Rohnert Park have created some amazing displays. Click here to find out where these local world records can be found!

Of course, huge lighting displays need proper wiring. About 150 homes catch fire each year due to holiday lights. Talk to your local electrician about voltage and wiring if you undertake a big project! Now, to the lights:

World-Record Residential Display: LaGrangeville, NY

In a small town in New York’s Hudson Valley, Tim and Grace Gay have made an annual tradition out of tackling the Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights at a residential property. For 2014, the family set up more than 600,000 lights — the most ever. Moving lights sync up with over 200 songs that play over local FM radio.

Interested in vying for the world record? Talk to your local electrician first.

This family had special funding from advertisers to make the huge undertaking succeed. A crafty local electrician could help you safely set up something impressive on a smaller budget.

Biggest Christmas Light Display Ever: Canberra, Australia

On the other side of the planet, attorney David Richards has been competing with the Gay family for that world record. In 2014, he decided to go a different prize: the largest Christmas display anywhere on earth.

Richards raises awareness for SIDS when setting up his amazing Christmas lights. This year’s record-breaking display uses about 1.2 million LEDs!

Festival of Lights: Vancouver, BC

The VanDusen Botanical Garden turns into a real wonderland filled with fantastic lighting displays and live entertainment. With tons of different displays throughout the gardens, this is a perfect place to find inspiration for your own display! Come up with some ideas and ask your local electrician about setting up the wiring safely.

Orchard Road’s Christmas On a Great Street: Singapore

Every year, Singapore’s world-class shopping destination turns into one giant Christmas light display. Up and down Orchard Road, businesses and public spaces get decorated with many millions of rainbow-colored lights and tons of animated displays.

Orchard Road burns bright at all hours of the day from mid-November to early January. The whole thing gets kicked off by a celebrity-filled opening ceremony. This is one project beyond the scope of your local electrician — we’re talking a team of dozens of specialists.

A City of Christmas Lights: Medellin, Colombia

The people of Medellin have built up an annual tradition of Christmas lights into a citywide, surreal display. More and more visitors have flocked to this Colombian town in recent years to take in the sights: brilliant displays on streets and in public gardens, and fantastic residential Christmas lights, too.

Venice Christmas Boat Parade

If a local electrician can run power to something, somebody will put Christmas lights on it. Actually, the Christmas Boat Parade has been a tradition in Newport Beach for over a century. From canoes to yachts, this parade features wildly lit boats and fireworks to create a party that lasts for days.

People come up with amazing displays to celebrate Christmas. If you want to wow your neighbors and visitors, start by gathering ideas and sketching plans. Then talk to your local electrician about providing the right wiring to make it all safe!