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Safety switches and circuit breakers are two common electrical components that many people easily get confused with since they’re often perceived as the same thing when in fact they’re not. Although safety switches and circuit breakers are both designed to protect and ensure safety against electrical and fire hazards they still carry a few individual characteristics that make them different. Therefore to better analyze the difference between the two let’s take a closer look at safety switches and circuit breakers.

What are Safety Switches?

A safety switch is an electrical device that monitors the flow of current into live and neutral wires that supply electricity  to an electrical system. They are also designed to automatically shut off power when a problem is detected that may pose a risk to safety.

Installing several safety switches in the home is extremely important because having only one installed is not sufficient to protect people from electric shock on several different circuits.  Therefore homeowners should consider having safety switches installed in all circuits throughout the home to ensure additional safety and electrical efficiency.

What are Circuit Breakers?

Circuit BreakersCircuit breakers or fuses on the other hand are electrical devices incorporated within the main switchboard of an electrical system and function to protect the electrical wiring from power surges and overloads.  Circuit breakers can be operated both manually and automatically and are used to switch off the flow of electricity when malfunctions or glitches occur.

Even though a circuit breaker provides short-circuit and overload protection the design of circuit breakers can vary since some modern electrical system require higher voltages of electricity. Due to this electrical engineers have over time developed more innovative ways to produce circuit breakers in order to adequately facilitate modern electrical systems.

Circuit Breakers and Electrical Switches are Essential Devices

Safety switches monitor electrical flow and detect possible issues whereas circuit breakers switch off the electrical supply to power sources if an issue is detected.

Since we’ve examined the differences and functions of safety switches and circuit breakers homeowners are now more educated on the purpose they serve.  Do not hesitate to equip your home with these essential devices.

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