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Electrical repair is necessary however many people wait to call the electrician when something completely stops working. Even then, some folks try to take matters into their own hands. The smarter route is to contact us whenever something changes. If a circuit starts tripping now and then, or you have made a home improvement, or are interested in adding a new feature like a security system or a home theater — bring in the electrician to make sure you and your house are safe!

We offer electrical repair services for any need:

  • Safe electrical work for home renovations
  • Repairs to blown circuits or wiring problems
  • Fixing or replacing outlets, light switches, overhead lights, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Upgrading from fuse boxes to modern breaker panels
  • Wiring for security systems, outdoor lighting, and smart home features


Electrical Repair:The Powering of Important Devices Depends On It

Electricity powers more than just entertainment and appliances. Your security alarm and outdoor safety lighting may have backup batteries but you should really have dedicated, reliable wiring to power those very important devices.

You also need power to charge your cell phone or use a digital landline. In the event of an emergency or local power outage, these days you need electricity to communicate with the outside world.

If you have experienced flickering lights or tripping breakers, please consider that you may have an electrical problem that could potentially cause a serious danger at an inconvenient time. Call us if you are not certain that your electrical system is working perfectly.

Home Injuries: Common Dangers of Electrical Problems

Many injuries at home are related to electric shock or related problems. Children getting shocked by wall outlets is not the only danger.

A visit for electrical repair service can help prevent common injuries caused by these problems:

  • Broken GFCI outlets
  • Ungrounded circuits
  • Damaged or improperly wired circuit breaker panels
  • Bad wiring to a large appliance
  • Wall receptacles sparking and creating fires

What Electrical Repairs are Safe to DIY?

Many adults are comfortable with replacing an electrical outlet or light switch. These tasks mostly consist of un-wiring and removing the old unit and replacing it. With a voltage tester, safety gloves, and a decent toolbox, you can handle those DIY (do it yourself) electrical repairs yourself. Two people can usually replace or install a ceiling fan, too.

Otherwise, leave electrical work to the professionals. We offer fast and friendly electrical repair so you can get the service you need — without the danger or hassle of a DIY project.

Call Us Today for Your Electrical Repair

We offer homeowners and businesses in Novato electrical repair services with a focus on efficient work, great customer service, and masterful quality. Contact us to schedule an appointment in Novato or anywhere in the Marin or Sonoma County area.

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