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Did you know that your bathroom is the one place where you should install ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection? As a matter of fact the bathroom is the only place in your home that’s required to have a GFCI breaker installed and this is mainly because its a place where water is used excessively.

Considering this it makes sense to ensure bathrooms and other high water usage areas are adequately protected. Consult an electrician about installing a GFCI breaker that supports all the outlets on a circuit rather than relying on the protection of individual GFCI wall outlets.

GFCI Breaker – Bathrooms Then and Now


GFCI Breakers The evolution of bathroom style and luxury certainly now makes it a place designed specifically to facilitate modern day beauty and personal care routines.  Bathrooms have been first used as far back as 3000 B.C. and were not equipped with many of the electrical devices we use today.

Back then the use of water in baths had a strong religious value and was considered a purifier for the mind, body and soul. What makes it dangerous for us today is when it is combined with electricity. Without the protection of a GFCI breaker in a bathroom circuit its extremely dangerous to power hairdryers or other appliances.

Apart from avoiding electrocution and shock as a result of negligence homeowners should also inspect to ensure that electricity is flowing in the right direction. This is why installing GFCI breaker protection in bathroom circuits is extremely important so that the flow of electricity to and from an outlet, or from a breaker is safely and effectively monitored and dispersed. Additionally if a power surge occurs causing an imbalance in the flow of current going in one direction or the other, GFCI protection functions to detect this and shuts the power down.


GFCI Breaker vs. GFCI Outlet – Which is Better for a Bathroom Circuit ?


When a glitch is detected in the flow of electricity the GFCI breaker immediately stops electricity from flowing to all bathroom outlets.  Power is only restored when you reset the breaker after the issue has been resolved. A GFCI outlet on the other hand functions similarly but only cuts power flowing to the affected outlet.

The reason why a GFCI breaker provides better protection is the fact that it effectively disables other outlets nearby that may be dangerous when in use. Be on the safe side and get a GFCI breaker installed today.


Consult a Professional Electrician When Adding GFCI Breaker to a Bathroom Circuit


Adding a GFCI breaker to a bathroom circuit may sound like a complicated process but it’s really just as straightforward as installing a breaker switch only using a different type of breaker. Any form of electrical work should be conducted by a professional. Since installing a GFCI breaker in a bathroom circuit involves the installation of wiring linked to the electrical panel only a licensed professional should perform the upgrade.   


Is Your Bathroom Safe – Call Spyrka Electric to Come in and Make an Assessment


Make sure your home’s bathrooms and other vulnerable areas have GFCI breaker protection where necessary. Let Spyrka Electric come in and inspect your home to see if its adequately protected. We offer the best electrical services in Santa Rosa. Call us today at: (707) 829-3516 or you can visit our website at spyrkaelectric.com for more information on our services.