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Petaluma ElectricianLots of people enjoy DIY projects around the home, and sometimes electrical repairs are simple and safe enough to handle yourself. If you have a power problem and are wondering whether you need to call an electrician in Santa Rosa, CA to come help, the answer depends on what sort of infrastructure you have and how comfortable you are with electric circuitry. If you’ve had a power outage in one area of your home, it’s likely that you or an electrician need to replace a blown fuse or damaged breaker.

Replacing a blown fuse can be tricky

Replacing an old, blown fuse can be done by many people without any special tools—you just have to know what you’re doing. Modern homes have been built with circuit breakers instead of fuse boxes, however, and replacing breakers presents enough danger and difficulty that it should be handled by an electrician Santa Rosa, CA homeowners can trust.

Replacing a Fuse

You will first need to find or obtain a replacement fuse—one of the same amperage, and definitely not higher. Then you’ll need to find the fuse box and open it. You might need a flashlight to find it, depending on the location, and you may also need a screwdriver to take off the casing. Among all the fuses, the blown one may be visible if it is raised up above the rest or otherwise appears burnt or broken.

Insert the new fuse, turn clockwise, and tighten it until it is just firm; do not aggressively tighten it as much as possible. Make sure to reseal the fuse box’s lid or covering, and then you can just throw away the blown fuse.

Repairing Breakers

If you have breakers and a section of power goes off, first check if the breaker was simply tripped. Turn off or unplug the things the breaker was powering, go to the breakers, and see if one breaker has been toggled. If that’s all the problem is, you can just flip it back.

If your circuit breakers are in need of actual repair, however, it’s much more complicated. Replacing the breaker requires that you shut off the main power entirely. Once a broken breaker is removed, the new one can’t simply be inserted in; an electrician needs to reconnect the wires accurately. To avoid electrocution and prevent further damage to your home, it’s best to call your local electrician in Santa Rosa, CA for help.

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