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How to Hire a Marin Commercial Electrician Spyrka Electrick MarinGone are the days of opening up the yellow pages and picking a phone number. Businesses need to make shrewd decisions for every hire, and that includes choosing an electrician.

When you need to find a new Marin commercial electrician, take your time and conduct a proper search. Your contractor will need the appropriate resources and skills to work on your property while getting the job done on budget and on time.

Make a list of the work you need

Whether you’re moving into a brand new office space or just getting one thing fixed, you need to know what you’re hiring the electrician to do. Articulate your needs while hiring to make sure your candidate knows the work. You’ll also do yourself a favor by getting multiple tasks performed in one visit.

You’re hiring someone — demand experience

When you hire an accountant or IT worker, you want them to demonstrate some experience, right? Expect to see a portfolio or at least hear about relevant work the electrician has performed. Anyone might claim to be your perfect Marin commercial electrician, but are they really the right electrician for your industry and building?

Who do other businesses trust?

Word of mouth works for good reason. We certainly want to be your trusted Marin commercial electrician and that means satisfying customers. Talk to your neighboring businesses or industry colleagues and they will likely be glad to offer recommendations or warnings based on their actual experiences.

Don’t assume! Check their credentials

Marin commercial electrician credentials include the state license and knowledge of the National Electrical Code. If an electrician has been around for years, make sure they have kept up with the latest codes and electrical knowledge.

Also, insist on verifying valid insurance — especially if you find past violations, which raise insurance rates just like car accidents. You don’t want someone who can’t afford to keep insurance current!

Interview and ask questions

Predict a good business relationship by taking the time to interview before hiring a Marin commercial electrician. Ask about the type of work you need done, past experience, and what to expect from the project. This is an opportunity to get answers while also gauging professionalism and communication.

Get a quote you’re comfortable with

When you ask for a quote, get a range and ask for details. Marin commercial electrician rates can vary widely, so be sure to compare apples to apples. Are there extra costs? What problems often pop up during the work you’ll have performed? Ultimately, you want to know where the value is coming from and where your money is going.

Ready to find your ideal Marin commercial electrician?

Keep all these factors in mind to make sure you find the right fit with the right background.

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