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As homeowners we often contemplate whether we should consider DIY electrical projects or just bring in a professional. There are so many risks that can derive from amateur electrical work, that’s why its best to hire a professional residential electrician.

As times change so does our electrical needs and the capacity to facilitate those needs. Our homes may need rewiring so as to accommodate the many devices that we currently use in and around the home. The average home now electrically supports 3-5 times more devices when compared to electronics used in the home in the last 2 decades. It is due to such an increase that we must ensure that our electrical systems are properly managed and maintained. Knowing the services offered by residential electricians and how they benefit you should be a priority.

Some of the Things Residential Electricians do

Residential ElectricianThere are so many electrical problems that a home can encounter and hiring the services of a qualified residential electrician is always best if you want to save on time and money. Spyrka Electric is dedicated to residents in Sonoma and we encourage you to get your home inspected or repaired in order to prevent a sudden, major hazard. Residential electricians offer services such as:

  • Fuse box to circuit breaker conversion
  • Underground wiring
  • Missing GFCI protection
  • Swimming pool & hot tub lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Recessed lighting & track lighting
  • Accent lighting & artwork lighting

Sure Benefits

Adhering to new building codes is one sure way to help safeguard your family and protect your home from electrical disasters.  Many homes are still wired under older building codes and are not able to manage the electrical load required within the home.

Never attempt to tackle electrical upgrades and repairs on your own.  Many reports across the US indicate that electrocution is caused by faulty electrical services and many of these are DIY projects.  It makes sense to be safe rather than to be sorry and hiring the services of a residential electrician will surely give you peace of mind.

At Spyrka Electric our aim is to provide you with sound and solid advice on how you can get the most out of your home’s electrical systems. We also aim to promote eco-friendly tools and systems that will not only help you save a buck but can also help to preserve the environment in which we live.

Now remember whatever your electrical problem feel free to give us a call.  Our expert team will help you get the best electrical systems in place for your every need.  Visit us on Yelp to see our many reviews.


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