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One the most common gadgets used throughout our homes and businesses are electrical outlets. Over time technological inventions, gadgets and devices have all been created to make our lives and societies modern, convenient and safe. As it relates to the valuable resource of electricity which has played a vital role in our lives for many years a plethora of devices have been brought about to make its use as safe and efficient as possible.

Electrical OutletWhat Is An Electrical Outlet?

Electrical outlets are devices that allow electrically operated appliances to connect directly to power sources. These outlets can be found almost everywhere in the form of AC power plugs or sockets and mainly function to prevent electrical shock when connecting to a power source.

With that said it is very important that people remember that an electrical outlet covers a potentially deadly force and the only thing that separates persons from serious injury or even electrocution is a plastic fitting.

Since this is the case it is critical that these fittings be kept in perfect condition as any damage or destruction to them can expose persons to dangerous or even lethal situations.

Persons should regularly inspect outlets to make sure that they are up to standard. There may be some characteristics that indicate damaged and hazardous outlets and if identified should be replaced as soon as possible .

An outlet may have a crack or split on the bottom, side or face which may seem minor as the electricity will still be functioning normally but eventually this piece of plastic could fall out completely exposing the metal contact points inside the outlet.

This presents a very high risk of electrical shock and fire which can cause death, serious injury or substantial damage to property. So if you see any signs of cracks or splits in outlets quick action should be taken to replace them.

The electrical outlet cover plate is also another, important component that’s incorporated in an outlet. This is mainly because it covers everything in the electrical box including the electrical terminals and the bare circuit wires which can result in a powerful shock if any of these areas are touched.

These plates also help to secure outlets in structures so if a cover gets damaged it is very likely that the outlet will move out of place eventually leading to loose wires and premature wear on the outlet.

Another common issue that exists are outlets that don’t hold cords securely. Basically what happens is the electrical contacts within the outlet lose their tension and fail to hold the prongs on plugs.

Once the electrical outlet loses this ability partially hanging plugs can pose serious danger. This is mainly because plug prongs are exposed while they are energized and can lead to fire or shock .

Cracks or damage to outlets can come about in many ways whether it be age, degradation or destruction nevertheless no matter the cause if you have a damaged outlet don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one.

Hiring a professional to perform this task is also best course of action as trained professionals are best suited to handle such task given the dangers involved. So inspect your homes and businesses thoroughly to make sure that all is in order and if necessary rectify any issues before they cause any major problems. Contact us for further assistance.


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