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How to Tell if Your GFCI Breaker is Tripping

GFCI BreakerWith most equipment and devices there is always the chance of damage occurring and a GFCI breaker is no exception. Even though detecting glitches within an electrical system is one of the main functions of a GFCI breaker there are some circumstances that can cause them to trip.

Since a GFCI breaker functions to protect electrical systems from overloads and  power surges  it is built to shut down in the event any of these scenarios should occur. Therefore if your power constantly keeps shutting off then you know that your GFCI breaker is tripping.

This can happen when you plug in an appliance, turn on the television, switch lights on or off among other things however as long as there is a flaw detected within the electrical system this will cause the breaker to trip. This can certainly be an annoyance and pose several hazardous risk including injury or damage to property.

Things That Cause A GFCI Breaker To Trip

  • Unbalanced Loads – There are certain devices in the home which are constantly turned on and off. These actions can create a disturbance within the circuit which can cause the breaker to trip.
  • Water – Water damage is another popular cause of GFCI tripping.  If components like wires, plugs or cable connectors are wet or have had any water damage and is plugged in for use this too can cause tripping to occur.
  • Grounding – Inside a circuit there’s a wire that functions to safely disperse any electrical leaks. If this particular wire is not properly connected this can alter the overall flow of current throughout the circuit which can cause overheating or altogether damage the breaker.
  • Hi Amps – When installed a GFCI breaker carries a  set amount of amperes which may sometimes be too low to facilitate some electrical loads and because of this tripping can occur.
  • Faulty Breaker – Another very common possibility that will initiate a GFCI breaker tripping is a faulty breaker. Over time a breaker will suffer wear and will not work correctly due to age or degradation it could also have sustained damage during manufacture or shipping.

Let Spryka Come In And Install Or Evaluate Your GFCI Breaker

Any problem with an electrical system warrants investigation and repair as it ensures your safety and safeguards your property. If you believe that you have a faulty GFCI breaker or wish to install a new one let the professionals at Spyrka Electric manage the task for you.

Attempting to do electrical work on your own is risky and that’s why our dedicated team of skilled electricians would be happy to come in and evaluate your breaker in a safe and effective manner. Give us a call at: (707) 523-3155 or (415) 382-1011 to schedule a visit or you can check out our website at spyrkaelectric.com for more information.


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