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Should You Get an Electrical Inspection? Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa CAOne great reason to get an electrical inspection? A buzzing noise coming from the electrical panel. That’s fairly common — but recently we saw a “buzzing” problem of a very different nature.

A homeowner in Santa Rosa, CA called us the other day after taking a look at his own electrical panel for the first time in a long time. The panel itself seemed very protected: sealed up with its door closed and inside of a larger cubby box.

For whatever reason, honey bees had decided to turn his electrical panel into their own beehive!

In this situation, the owner had no idea. If he hadn’t needed to go out to his circuit breaker box, who knows how much larger — and stickier — the problem would have gotten?

An Electrical Inspection Can Uncover All Sorts of Issues

You probably don’t have honey bees nesting in your breaker box. However, you might have something similarly unusual going on.

You probably don’t have honey bees nesting in your breaker box. However, you might have something similarly unusual going on.

Have you performed DIY repairs or made home improvements? Are you considering selling your home soon? These are other great reasons to have an inspection. In many cases, you are legally required to hire a licensed electrician to make sure you are following local laws, California laws, and federal codes.

Even if you are not legally required to get an electrical inspection, you can still protect your home by calling an electrician to check things out. If it’s been more than a few years since the last inspection (or if you don’t know when the last inspection was), consider it worthwhile to make the call.

From the breaker box to the wiring throughout your home, much of your electrical system is invisible to you. Pests, wildlife, bad weather, and the aging process can all build up significant problems when you aren’t looking.

Strange problems that we often uncover during an electrical inspection:

  • Wires chewed up by squirrels or other animals
  • Bad wiring and design. Think electrical receptacles placed way too close to showers or sinks.
  • Renovated homes with mismatched wiring and infrastructure

Most people don’t call an electrician until the lights don’t work. With problems like those, homeowners can continue living without necessarily realizing there is any problem.

An electrical inspection helps keep you and your property safe while also preventing unforeseen problems. A professional electrician discovers and anticipates problems while conducting an electrical inspection.

Instead of calling an electrician for emergency service, why not schedule an electrical inspection when you have a free moment? Afterward, you can rest easy — you won’t be worried about your breaker box buzzing!