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Home generators have become more a necessity than a luxury in many parts of the country, such as Northern California. Not only are power outages more common, but PG&E plans to increase the number of public safety power shutoff (PSPS) outages for fire prevention.

Thankfully, backup generator installation has become an easier process. An experienced Santa Rosa electrician should know how to fully install a standby generator in perhaps just a few hours. New generators themselves are also cleaner, quieter, and easier to use than they used to be.

PG&E Planned Power Outages in 2019 and Beyond

Backup Generator Installation

While they’re working on new technologies to prevent fires, PG&E has announced planned outages when necessary. Planned outages could affect anyone in the service area. It doesn’t matter where exactly you live; it depends on whether your power’s supply lines cross through a high-risk area.

“Planned outages” are not planned and announced well in advance, however. The PSPS shutoffs could occur with little warning depending on risk studies.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Backup Generator?

Backup generator installation in the Santa Rosa area already made sense. With more planned outages and uncertainty about the future, everyone should consider whether a whole-home generator is in order.

Automatic generators can keep any or all devices running in the event of an outage without you having to lift a finger. The benefits extend far beyond not having to read by candlelight.

  • Medical equipment that needs electricity
  • Refrigerators and cooking equipment
  • Lights and security systems
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Computers and business equipment
  • Entertainment systems
  • Sump pumps and other major appliances

Note that a portable generator can only handle a small load such as a few lighting circuits and one or two appliances. If that’s all you need, ask an electrician to install an automatic transfer kit.

If you need or want to keep power available for more, you need a permanent backup generator installation wired to your breaker panel.

Schedule Backup Generator Installation at a Convenient Time

Standby generators require very little maintenance—just to ensure that you have diesel, oil, or gas fuel and that the transfer switch works when it should. The generator sits outside your house like an AC unit and detects an outage, switching your home over to generation after just a moment.

During and after a power outage, electricians get very busy with backup generator installation. Schedule a visit at a convenient time so you’ll have peace of mind before any planned or unplanned outages.

Your electrician can help you decide where to install a generator so it’s safe and up to code. Most importantly, you need a licensed electrician to wire a generator to the service panel and set up the service disconnect for automatic transfer from the grid to the generator and back.

Get ready for planned power outages in Marin and Sonoma Counties with a backup generator installation by a trusted electrician. Contact us to get a free estimate and more info.

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