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Floor Outlet Installation Santa RosaOur lives change with new technology and design trends, and that includes how we use electronic devices at home. Homeowners need more electrical outlets than ever, yet more things plugged-in means more wires and cords everywhere. For many reasons, the floor outlet has become a popular request for local electricians around the Sonoma County area.

Installing a floor outlet solves many needs at once:

  • Add more outlets to the home, without covering your walls with electronics.
  • Avoid the danger and eyesore of wires throughout the home.
  • Plug in lamps closer to the middle of large living rooms.
  • Charge your phones and tablets where you like to sit.
  • Make the home office functional and clutter-free.

Floor Outlets: An Easy Job for a Professional Electrician

When a floor outlet makes sense for your home, you need a professional residential electrician for the job. The installation can be relatively fast and easy for a pro. Adding a floor outlet does mean full installation of a new electrical outlet, and that requires plenty of knowledge and skill to handle the wiring and outlet box.

Floor outlets can be installed with virtually any kind of flooring. If you are renovating or designing a new home, talk to the electrician about where to add the outlets.

If you want a floor outlet but don’t have plans to do much renovating, there’s good news! Floor outlet installation does not have to be a major renovation project. Just make sure you go with a reliable, experienced electrician who knows how to neatly and attractively install electrical outlets. You want quality work because the floor outlet needs safe installation and it should maintain a smooth surface with the rest of the flooring.

The Floor Outlet Installation Process

Before you call the electrician, think about where exactly you want a floor outlet—ideally, convenient locations where plugs and wires will not be in the way. You don’t want the outlet to become inconvenient or get covered up when furniture moves. When you have your places in mind, you can put tape on the ground to mark where furniture goes and then move the furniture to clear space for the electrician.

Depending on your existing wiring and the locations you want, an electrician can decide the best method of installing your floor outlets. A hole will need to be cut in the flooring with enough depth to house the outlet box. Additional holes will need to be cut to access your wiring and run new cable toward the outlet box.

This process can vary based on the floor of the house, any basement or crawl space areas, and other things affecting access and wiring location. When the wiring has been prepared, the electrician will connect the power source to the outlet and safely complete the wiring.

A floor outlet also has special esthetic considerations: you likely want an outlet cover to prevent dust and dirt from getting in while also offering a flat surface. You can shop for floor outlet covers that match the look of your home’s finishes.

After the electrician has installed and tested your floor outlet, you can enjoy easy use of your favorite electronics and appliances without having to worry about a tangle of wires along the wall. If you feel tethered to your wall outlets, a floor outlet will feel like quite a relief.

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