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Today’s modern day living rooms are designed to enhance luxury and provide a more spacious area.  You will require the advice of an electrician if you are to carry out some of these enhancements. Here are five electrical upgrades that are excellent for all living room arrangements and the advanced wiring and technology that can be installed by your electrician.

Types Of Electrical Upgrades

electrical upgradesOutlet Upgrades

One of the simplest ways to conserve space and decrease clutter in the living room is to have some outlet upgrades this holiday season.  These upgrades will allow you to have outlets in several areas throughout your home without overloading a specific outlet.  This way you can shift furniture and appliances around without a problem.

Recessed Lighting

Living room lighting such as lamps, ceiling fans and other fixtures can utilize plenty space and make the living room feel smaller.  One of the best ways to illuminate a living room and conserve space during this festive time is to add recessed lighting.  This type of lighting can be installed by your electrician directly into your ceiling.  There are many types of recessed lighting fixtures that can be installed.

Wall TV Mounts and Outlets

As a replacement for using common wall outlets and an entertainment center, your television can be placed directly on the wall.  This will help you cut down on hanging cords which can be hazardous in certain exposed locations. Consider the influx of people in your home at Christmas time and preserve their safety.  Spyrka Electric is specialized in installing wall TV mounts, cable and internet connections for your TV.

Fireplace Conversions

As a substitute for a wall mount, an unused fireplace can be changed to conserve space in the living room.  An electrician can run wires through your fireplace, add insulation and make it secure for the installation of outlets and cable wires.  A transformed fireplace will conserve space and provide the tranquility that you desire during the winter season.

Media Closets

Christmas is one time your home can become filled with new gifts and toys. Appliances such as video game consoles, sound systems and cable boxes can utilize a lot of space in a living room.  You have the opportunity to transform your living room closet into a media hub.  If you don’t have a closet that is accessible then a part of your living room wall can be transformed into shelving space.  With the suitable wiring and outlets for appliances an electrician can also install the appropriate lighting and cooling fans to stop equipment from overheating. Contact us for more information.