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Until we encounter one of a different color, we all know electrical outlets to be white. That is when we start giving it a thought. You are mistaken if you think that the owners of orange electrical outlets belong to fans of the famous San Francisco Giants. I know you may be wondering if its significance. Orange electrical outlets are isolated ground receptacles. Luckily, in this article, I will outline in details all you need to know about orange electrical outlets. Relax and continue reading.

But what does isolated ground mean? It occurs when the grounding point receives electricity directly from the unit which is usually separated from the other electrical wiring within the building. Depending on what is needed, the wires lead to a ground connection or neutral point. It is critical that these wires get isolated from the rest to avoid electric “noise.”

Orange Electrical Outlets Q and A

What Is Electrical “Noise”?

Orange Electrical OutletsEver heard the way your television hums when powered on and muted? Or the crackling, staticky noise produced by an audio equipment in the background? Then you heard it; that’s the electrical “noise”. When an electrical signal fluctuates randomly, it produces electrical “noise”.

Certain electrical equipment that requires extreme consistency or precision like those used in industrial or medical fields gets affected negatively by electrical noise. In the same way, you wouldn’t love any interference on your microphone; the doctor will also not entertain any interference of performance of the hospital’s life-saving devices and diagnostic equipment.

Unfortunately, you may not realize when dealing with an electrical noise at home. For example, on your toaster, it’s difficult to see the effects caused by electrical noise. It is this reason that many homeowners are now installing orange electrical outlets in most of their rooms and in home entertainment systems.

Where Do You Need To Use Orange Electrical Outlets?

In most cases, orange electrical outlets get used in the following places:

•    Healthcare facilities and hospitals

•    Media centers and home theater rooms

•    High-tech commercial facilities and industries

•    Advanced electronics and computer networking

How Do You Install Orange Electrical Outlets?

There is no functionality difference between the standard and the orange electrical outlet. You need to use the services of a professional technician because of the special attention needed while wiring. Poorly installed wires can get extremely dangerous and electrical noise reduction is not attained. Here are the installation steps:

•    If you want to replace a standard receptacle, then remove the old outlet

•    Take the wires and run them to the terminal

•    Make sure the black, red, white and copper wires get fixed to appropriate locations

•    The red wire should get marked with a green phasing tape to indicate that it’s a ground wire

Once you properly install the orange electrical outlets, you get assured of enjoying your devices without any interference from electrical noise.  If you realize that you’re TV or speakers are static or fuzzing and yet you have installed the orange electrical outlets, then you need to call for services of a professional electrician immediately.   Mostly, it indicates that the isolated ground wires were not properly installed.

You are free to install orange electrical outlets in places where electrical noise reduction is desired. Contact us at Spyrka Electric and Repair for all electrical installation and repairs.