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Factors to Consider While Selecting Commercial Electrician Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa CAThink about every aspect of your business that relies on power. From parking lot lights to high-speed networking in the office, you need a commercial electrician to design, install, repair, and upgrade your electrical system. For fast, friendly, and high-quality results, it’s worth taking a moment to find the right commercial electrician for your particular needs. Here’s what to consider:

Licensing and Insurance

Hiring a licensed electrician means getting someone with accountability and professional standards. In California, a certified commercial electrician has passed a rigorous examination and must renew the license every 3 years. When wiring a commercial property or installing a complicated lighting system, you need someone with real knowledge and expertise. The license helps demonstrate that.

You should also be safe and ask to see proof of a current insurance policy to minimize risk for your business.

Commercial Electrician Specialties

Commercial electrical work can vary a lot — from new construction wiring and system upgrades, to specific tasks like security lighting and cable installation. Don’t assume that every commercial electrician brings specialized knowledge in every area. Find someone who specializes in the job, and they can do it faster and better. Request a portfolio or ask detailed questions to be sure they know their stuff.

Scope of Services

Property managers and businesses should also consider hiring a commercial electrician with a broad range of skills. There’s great value in having an electrician on call who knows your property and knows what your business needs in terms of power, wiring, and lighting. And if a job widens in scope, a great commercial electrician can do it all without having to bring in extra subcontractors.

Communication Skills

Commitment to great service goes a long way to make the process smooth. When calling electricians and interviewing candidates, pay attention to how helpful and communicative they are.

You can get better results from an electrician who takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns, and explains what services will be best for your property. This is especially important if your commercial electrician will be installing a lighting system, wiring a phone or cable system, or otherwise performing work that is critical to your business.

Reputation with Local Businesses

Check online reviews and look for comments from businesses and property managers, not just residential customers. Ask some local businesses who to trust and who to avoid. Look for satisfied, repeat customers and make note of red flags. You can confidently hire a commercial electrician with a great reputation, and that electrician will have motivation to protect that reputation by providing great work for you.

When you find a great commercial electrician, go ahead and ask for a free estimate to get started. You can learn a lot about electricians by researching online, but you’ll need to talk to them before deciding on the right person for your business’ electrical needs.

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