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Vibrant lights can be used to illuminate your home this holiday season.  Holiday lighting can be a nuisance to your power grid, put pressure on your household financial plan and can also have an effect on your air quality.   Know that energy efficient lighting is the answer to this problem.  Last year, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) which is responsible for functioning the power grid for the major of the states in the United States saw a jolt of 1, 700 megawatts.  This was enough to supply about 1, 700 homes at a high demand for electricity such as Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas Eve.  Most of which can be linked to vibrant threads of light used for both interior and exterior usage to deck the halls for the holiday season.

Energy Efficient Lighting The Way To Go

energy efficient lighting

For this reason, the ISO encourages you to celebrate the warmth and the excitement of the holiday season without having a negative effect on your resources.  The ISO is also playing its role in guiding the changeover to a state-of-the-art and more sustainable power grid.  It also welcomes the State’s environmental regulations geared towards decreasing gas emissions.  The most important piece of our technique comprise leveraging contemporary technology, upgrade energy efficiency and being reliable stewards of natural resources.

The modification from conventional incandescent bulbs to LED lights is an illustration of swiftly expanding technology.  This can aid in preserving electricity, strengthening grid dependability and decreasing carbon output, which is wholesome for all of us and the environment as a whole. Practicing energy efficient lighting techniques certainly help protect the environment.

Traditional incandescent light bulbs, even the small lights tend to devour energy in order to glow.  Substituting them with strands of LED lights to decrease energy usage by 75 to 90 percent and can twinkle for up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights are secure to use.  In comparison to incandescent lights, they are lukewarm to the touch, which decreases the danger of fire.  And, they are extremely harmless when swapping for the holiday season.  Up to 25 strands of LEDs can be attached from one end to the other without overloading a wall socket and they are easy to install.

Supplementary Benefits:  LEDs don’t contain mercury instead they are constructed from epoxy, not glass.  This make them shatter proof and invulnerable to shock.  Furthermore, they don’t burn out, so it is easy to locate that one annoying bad bulb on the string.

By utilizing energy-efficient LEDs, you will also be decreasing your carbon emissions from the power plants, as less energy is required to be generated.  In the United States, in 2012, approximately 49 million energy efficient LEDs were installed.  These LEDs comprised of traffic lights to vehicle brake lights to commericial and residential lighting, this venture assisted in the saving of $675 million in energy costs.

This year, make the jolly choice of energy efficient lighting to decrease your holiday expenses and lower air pollution.  Contact Spyrka Electric for more information.

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