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Homeowners in Sonoma and Marin Counties who are interested in reducing their environmental impact should first look at air conditioning costs. Heating and cooling typically makes up at least half of our energy bills, so using less air conditioning means lowering carbon emissions and saving money. From fighting climate change to preventing further destruction of ecosystems in the quest for fossil fuels, a greener home truly makes a difference.

To use less air conditioning, ask your local electrician about installing a whole house fan. By increasing air ventilation, homes can dramatically cut back on energy use. In our relatively mild climate around Sonoma County and Marin County, whole house fans offer a very real opportunity to enjoy comfort at home without a major impact on your carbon footprint.


Typical Whole House Fan Installation

Why Whole House Fans Are Eco-Friendly

California relies heavily on natural gas-powered electricity for our residential energy. That means burning non-renewable resources with significant carbon emissions. Natural gas also requires drilling and exploration, increasingly in sensitive land areas. For the sake of our atmosphere and the earth itself, every homeowner stands to make an impact by reducing energy consumption at home.

Whole house fans use exponentially less electricity than air conditioners. You can enjoy a well-ventilated, cooled home throughout even the warmest months by using whole house fans either by themselves or in conjunction with air conditioning.

Here’s how whole house fans provide green cooling:

  • A licensed electrician installs the whole house fan in your attic. You need a reliable local electrician to do this because the fan needs dedicated wiring added.
  • When it’s warm, run the whole house fan with some of your windows open.
  • The fan draws in air from the outside, and releases hot indoor air through vents in the roof.
  • The temperature in your home stays lower on hot days. Without the ventilation of whole house fans, your air conditioning has to fight against heat that builds and builds throughout the day.
  • If it’s cool enough, you can turn your air conditioner off completely. Otherwise, your air conditioner can run less frequently or at lower cooling power.

Whole House Fans: Choosing a Simple, Green Solution

Adding a whole house fan requires a professional electrician. The cost savings over time will quickly recoup your investment.

An electrician can help you choose the right size fan for your home. The electrician will also help decide how to properly ventilate the attic and roof. The installation process must be carefully planned in order to get the most environmental benefits from the fan, as well as protecting your home from any potential problems stemming from poor ventilation. Proper installation will also affect how quietly the fan runs.

Once whole house fans are installed, the homeowner has very little to do in order to enjoy a greener home with excellent cooling. The fan can be left to run throughout the warm months, or you might choose to manually switch back and forth between air conditioning and the fan.

Think about how much air conditioning you use, and imagine drastically reducing that energy use. Whole house fans enable you to seriously lower your energy needs at home, and that’s the best thing homeowners can do for a positive impact on our environment.

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