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As part of preparing for the holiday season homeowners everywhere are busy cleaning and redecorating their homes in time to meet this festive and extravagant time. As a result of this it’s also a popular time when electricity consumption increases significantly as a result of increased lighting and the use of electrical fixtures. With this in mind it is critical that homeowners safeguard their family and property against potential electrical hazards before the holiday frenzy goes into full swing.

Why Safeguarding Homes Against Electrical Hazards Is Essential

Electrical HazardsAn electrical system can really work overtime during the holidays because they are overworked when powering Christmas lights, appliances, electronics and a host of different gadgets and devices.  Since things can get pretty hectic around the home at this time it may be fairly easy for homeowners to overlook any electrical hazards that may be existing. This leaves you and your family exposed to many dangers which can sometimes be fatal or cause substantial damage to property.

According to recent studies conducted 80 % of house fires that occur around the holiday season happen as a result of electrical hazards. Statistics have also shown that the number of children injured or killed by house fires usually doubles during this time of year. These statistics clearly show why it is essential to safeguard your home and family against electrical hazards and is why homeowners should make it a priority to eliminate any threats before they become major problems.

Useful Tips That Help Homeowners To Safeguard Homes Against Electrical Hazards

Don’t know what to look for? Well here are a few insightful tips that can guide homeowners through the process of safeguarding their homes and families against the threat of electrical hazards. These include:

  • Investigate and Identify – People should begin this by doing a brief walk through of the home starting from the basement all the way up to the attic and survey areas where any electrical component, equipment or device is situated. Check all areas to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary such as flickering lights, cracked outlets, broken wires or the scent of smoke. If you identify any issue your next step would be to take quick action to have it rectified.
  • Check Circuit Breakers – Circuit breakers play a very important role because they are responsible for providing short circuit and overload protection in an electrical system . Therefore they too must be checked to ensure they’re functioning properly however if they smell or look burnt this may be a problem and should be addressed  as soon as possible.
  • Purchase Power Strips – Electrical outlets can sometimes become overloaded when numerous appliances, electronics and gadgets are all plugged in at the same time. So power strips provide additional space to power gadgets in your home without having to place burden on the few outlets in the home.
  • Use Protective Guards For Outlets – In rooms where children are generally unsupervised it would be wise to place protective guards on outlets to prevent them from sticking their fingers or foreign objects into sockets causing burns or possible shock.

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