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Electrical Panel UpgradesElectricity is one of those things that you don’t really think about much until it isn’t there. We all assume that the lights will come on when we flip a switch and that plugging in an appliance will surely give it the power it needs.

In some homes, it starts to become obvious when the electrical panel cannot handle the capacity expected of it. That’s when you might consider electrical panel upgrades. Experienced local electricians can come to your home in the Marin and Sonoma County areas to diagnose a problem if you’re unsure, but often you can tell something is wrong because you simply aren’t getting easy access to the power you need.

How local electricians can tell it’s time for electrical panel upgrades:

Common signs that local electricians see indicating electrical panel upgrades are needed include:

  • Do your breakers flip when you have multiple things plugged in and running at once?
  • Do your lights sometimes seem dimmer, or do they appear to flicker and struggle?
  • Do you have to worry about how many things are running at once or where things are plugged in, or do you get the feeling that there isn’t as much power as there should be?

If you’re frequently having to go to your electrical panel to flip a breaker back on, or if your home’s electrical system seems to have poor or declining performance, it’s time to call on your local electricians to help.

Why homes eventually need electrical panel upgrades:

Brand new homes built today will have electrical wiring and breaker boxes that are designed to meet today’s energy needs. Older homes, however, including those built just ten or twenty years ago, may have minimal capacity and have difficulty powering the modern household.

The average home simply has more electronics and appliances than ever before. From coffee bean grinders to electric juicers, from DVRs to smartphones and tablets, local electricians have definitely noticed that everyone is using electricity for more devices and machines throughout the course of each day. When you have all of your basic appliances plugged in and then start charging your phone and watching streaming internet videos, you are asking a lot of your electrical panel.

Local electricians see many older homes in the Santa Rosa area with electrical panels that were perfectly fine years ago but are simply unequipped for the energy load most people use today. Even homes that are not very old may need electrical panel upgrades now because of the proliferation of electronics and the internet that have changed our lives in so many ways.

If you talk to your trusted local electricians about the issue, you can find answers about exactly why your home might be struggling with flipped breakers or dim lights. It could be that a modern upgrade is needed for the electrical panel itself, in which case you should leave the home improvement job up to the local electricians rather than doing it yourself.

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