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Sonoma-County-Electrical-Repairs-Spyrka-Electric-Santa-RosaToo many Sonoma County residents have found out the hard way that waiting to get electrical repairs can lead to unfortunate, drastic disasters including electrocution, damaged property, and even house fires.Accidental house fires aren’t simply a matter of bad luck. Most electrical fires begin with human error in the kitchen or with problems in your electrical wiring and electricity usage.

Accidental house fires aren’t simply a matter of bad luck. Most electrical fires begin with human error in the kitchen or with problems in your electrical wiring and electricity usage.

The good news is that you can almost eliminate your chances of a house fire by getting routine inspections, calling for electrical repairs when needed, and knowing what mistakes to avoid. due to electrical problems.

Causes of House Fires Requiring Electrical Repairs

The common causes of electrical fires can typically be prevented or fixed with simple electrical repairs and regular upkeep of your appliances.

Let’s look at the frequent sources of home and building fires stemming from electrical problems. Clear up these issues and make fires significantly less likely!

Old or faulty wiring. If your electrical wiring was poorly installed, you may have stray voltage threatening to ignite. Wiring that runs under carpeting (a no-no among quality residential electricians) can overheat and catch fire. Degraded or frayed wiring can also start fires. You can monitor your appliances and power cords for fraying, while your home’s electrical wiring should be inspected by a professional.

If your house was wired decades ago—or you’re not sure when—it’s worth calling for a professional to get a thorough inspection to verify the condition of your infrastructure.

Seen a mouse or squirrel around the house? They may have chewed your wiring, causing an imminent fire hazard. Look for damage in the attic and call for electrical repairs if you see something or aren’t certain.

Overcrowded electrical outlets. People use a lot more electronics than we used to. Overloading the outlet can cause overheating that leads to sparks and flames!

Power strips are one solution, but you still might overload an outlet by drawing too much power. The mess of cables and wires also poses an issue.

Your best option is to call for electrical repairs and upgrades. An electrician can make sure your outlets are fit to handle today’s electronics usage and we can also add outlets throughout the home so you don’t overload one area and risk igniting a fire.

Home appliances. Many fires start because large appliances are plugged into power strips or into old or damaged outlets that cannot handle the power load. Look into electrical repairs, upgrades to circuit interrupters, and replacement of frayed cords on your appliances.

Water hazards. Just like you don’t want electricity in the bath tub, you don’t want water getting near your electrical wiring. This is often a problem in homes with awkward electrical designs or where renovations have put new water sources near electrics. Be careful when you install or change sinks, faucets and other plumbing, and call for electrical repairs if an issue comes up.

Prevention of electrical fires requires proactive measures—all it takes is one accidental spark to possibly ignite a fire. Don’t leave things up to chance. Be aware of issues in your home and call for electrical repairs as soon as needed!

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