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Electric Vehicle Charging StationIf you could make a reasonable investment and drastically reduce your transportation costs forever afterward, wouldn’t you want to do it? That’s the genius behind having an electric vehicle charging station installed at your home.

Your local electrician can install a 240-volt Level 2 equipment for an electric vehicle charging station in your ideal location. Over time, the savings will make up the cost of your investment.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Your Home for Pennies Per Mile

Once you have your electric vehicle charging station set up at home, powering up only costs as much as running a home appliance. The exact costs depend on the specific vehicle and electricity rates.

Today’s electric cars and the typical electricity rates in the Santa Rosa County area make charging at home work out to less than nickel per mile:

  • Electric vehicle fuel efficiency can be measured in the number of kilowatt-hours burned to drive 100 miles. A typical rate is about 34 kWh per 100 miles.
  • Multiply the kWh per 100 miles by the price you pay for home electricity. That’s how much you’d be paying to drive 100 miles.
  • If your electric rate is $0.07 per kWh, that’s just $2.38 to drive 100 miles — about 2.5 cents per mile.

Electric rates vary, of course, but most homeowners get the cheapest rates during overnight hours—when electricity is in less demand overall, but the most convenient time to use your electric vehicle charging station.

The Real Costs of Charging at Public Stations

Public charging stations have fees that typically range from $1 to $3 per hour. Essentially, you’re paying for a parking space in addition to the energy usage.

Here’s why public charging stations cost more than home stations:

  • How many miles of range your car gets per hour of charging will determine how cost-effectiveness of charging at pay stations.
  • Many electric vehicles only get 10 to 20 miles of range from an hour of charging. That’s $9 for 30 to 60 miles of range if the station charges $3 per hour.
  • Lost time and extra expenses. When charging in public, consider the time wasted going out of your way, and extra money spent on snacks and entertainment while waiting for your car to charge.

However you slice it, having your own electric vehicle charging station means powering up for only the cost of using your home electricity. When you shop for charging time, you’re paying premium retail rates.

An Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Will Pay for Itself

Ultimately, you can recoup your investment in a fast Level 2 electric vehicle charging station because you’ll be shaving off a few dollars at each charge.

Thinking about the convenience of charging at home and it becomes an even wiser investment. Speaking of investments, consider that an electric vehicle charging station makes an attractive feature if you ever want to sell your home. The growing popularity of electric vehicles means future home buyers will definitely see value in a built-in charging station.

Ready to commit to the cheapest, most convenient method of charging your vehicle? Talk to your local electrician about installing 240-volt equipment for an electric vehicle charging station and enjoy safe, blazing-fast charging at home.

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