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Electric VehiclesFor many drivers, the biggest hurdle in owning an electric vehicle is anxiety about having a reliable source for recharging. As automakers and tech giants increase their investments in electric vehicle technologies, we’re also seeing more public charging stations and better options for installing an electric vehicle charging station at home. That’s good news for fans of the electric car.

Electric technologies attracting big money

The automotive industry in the U.S. and abroad has spent billions on research and development for electric vehicle and battery technologies in the recent past, and the numbers are increasing. In addition to traditional car companies shifting their funds towards electric vehicles, Tesla Motors has entered the game strongly. Tesla is currently building a car battery factory that will be producing half a million units a year by 2020. By all accounts, it makes more sense than ever to invest in an electric vehicle charging station for your home.

Leading companies exploring new electric vehicle technologies

Not only are car companies expanding the presence of electric vehicles in their lineups, but companies like Google and Nokia have begun investing hundreds of millions in “smart car” technologies. This includes vehicles with automated self-parking and an expanding level of complete self-driving using sensors. In the future, you may well be reading a book in a car that drives itself, and you won’t need to stop at gas stations thanks to your electric vehicle charging station.

Why an electric vehicle charging station is making more sense

With all the investments in technology taking place, a number of electric vehicle types are being made and developed further. This includes all varieties of battery-only cars and various hybrids. Whichever kind of car strikes your fancy, you will always need a consistent way of refueling, and that’s where an electric vehicle charging station comes in.

Companies are most commonly putting their investments toward plug-in hybrid vehicles, according to a survey of executives conducted by KPMG. Others are looking at fuel cell options and other battery types. In all cases, an electric vehicle charging station remains necessary.

Considering that electric car ownership will be greatly increasing in coming years, it makes sense to have an electric vehicle charging station not only for yourself but because it will seem like a necessary amenity to future homeowners if you ever sell your house.

Big business has shown a major commitment to investing in improving and expanding their options for electric vehicles. We’re long past questioning whether electric vehicles will eventually be the norm, so an electric vehicle charging station will become a necessary and helpful feature to have at home.

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