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As JFK said, “The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining.” He was making a State of the Union address, but this thinking should also apply to electric repair. Most people wait until something goes terribly wrong before calling the electrician. You’re basically waiting for a disaster like electrocution or a house fire before you ever look at your electrical wiring.

To be sure, electric repair does more than just protect you from catastrophe. Some people put up with problems like a dead wall outlet for months or years! “Oh, that one doesn’t work—plug it in over there.” This is no way to live.

What I’m saying is that electric repair should be part of your normal home maintenance. You don’t go decades without getting your HVAC system tuned up. If a bathtub doesn’t drain, you don’t avoid using it, you call the plumber.

If there’s some part of your electrical system you don’t like, be it exposed wires or a long wall without any outlets, call for electric repair. Making compromises (say, running extension cords under a rug) is where your little nuisances can actually turn into dangerous situations.

Problems that Call for Immediate Electric Repair

Electric Repair Many people only notice symptoms of needing electric repair, such as tripped breakers or flickering lights. Definitely get those issues fixed right away because something is causing overloading, overheating, or perhaps a short circuit.

To be more proactive, look at your wiring once in a while (annually at least) to check for electrical repair issues such as:

  • Dangling wires under a sink, hanging from the ceiling, etc.
  • Frayed wires behind walls or at the electrical panel
  • Damaged wire insulation when you go to replace an outlet or switch
  • Scorched or burnt outlets, which indicates overheating or sparks
  • Loose outlets where plugs fall out or the whole box is loose, which can also be a fire hazard
  • Rust on the electrical panel due to a leak, missing seal, or high humidity

What If It’s Not Broken?

Maybe you don’t have frayed wires or a damaged breaker box. But does your home electrical system feel like it was installed without rhyme or reason? Do you ever wonder what in the heck the builder or electrician was thinking?

Electric repair and modifications can make your life easier and more comfortable, solving issues like:

  • Not enough outlets in a room
  • Moving outlets from difficult-to-reach locations
  • Switch from two-prong to three-prong outlets
  • Fixing light switches that wired backward
  • A light switch in an awkward place
  • Centering an overhead light over a dining table
  • Moving appliances to new locations during remodeling
  • Or even moving the electrical panel to a more accessible location

In other words, if you are inconvenienced by your wiring, outlets, or light switches in any way, ask for electric repair to fix those poorly installed or outdated features!

Electrical Repair in Sonoma County

Taking care of electric repair does not necessarily have to be a big commotion or expense. Spyrka Electric offers electrical repair in Sebastopol and the surrounding area with on-time appointments, quick work, and reasonable prices. We’re a family-owned company that cares about customer satisfaction.

To schedule service or get a quote, please contact us and tell us how we can safeguard your home and make life easier with licensed electric repair services.

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