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An electrical circuit usually refers to a network of devices that consist of a closed loop which facilitate a return path for the current in an electrical system. These are usually located inside the Main Panel or the gray metal box about the size of a cookie tray found in the basement or utility room of homes or businesses.

Inside your main panel electrical circuits function to safely channel the flow of electrical current to branch circuits throughout the home. They also function to detect glitches or overloads in an electrical system.

Different Purposes

Electrical CircuitsElectrical circuits in the main panel of an electrical system are classified into two types known as dedicated and general purpose circuits. This is mainly because all circuits aren’t designed to supply power to appliances with larger electrical capacity. Dedicated circuits mainly operate to supply electricity to single large appliances such as built in microwaves, garbage disposals or furnaces and dedicated circuits service smaller appliances like laundry equipment,  kitchen and bathroom appliances.

General-purpose circuits on the other hand function to supply current to multiple electrical outlets such as receptacles and lighting throughout the home. This separation allows for a much more efficient flow of current to devices, electronics and appliances and it also helps in the prevention of an electrical overload or malfunction which can be extremely hazardous.

Considering this most homeowners are left to ask themselves if their homes are fully equipped to power and manage the flow of current to the amount of gadgets and devices they put into use for the holidays. If you’re not sure then maybe it’s best to have a certified electrician come in and inspect your home.

Need an Electrical Inspection and Assessment of Your Home?

Here at Spryka Electric our team of highly skilled and certified electricians are available up to six days a week to come in and perform an evaluation of the residence. Once this is done we can provide a quote and arrange a convenient time to come in and manage electrical repairs promptly and efficiently.

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