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The tripping of circuit breakers, corrosion, and physical damage can be deleterious to the safety of your home. You will need to contact a company offering electrical panel replacement services when you discover that electrical repairs are inadequate. This is very necessary even before you make attempt to touch the electrical panel or carry out a wiring process.

If water spills on the panel, there is a possibility that a person may get electrocuted. This may occur either as a result of rust caused by the water after some time or corrosion which may trigger fire or flickering of light. Overheating of circuit breakers and wires may cause them to melt in the process. Overheating may be initiated when a circuit breaker is linked to a panel bus. The overall effect is that this leads to arcing or arc fault which is a process that happens when electric current flows or travels along an unintended route prior to short circuit. When you experience this in your home, you need an urgent electrical panel replacement.

Do you have a full Electrical Panel?

Electrical Panel Replacement

A panel with fully used capacity shows that all its breakers have been utilized. This poses a challenge to the homeowners when they need to carry out the wiring for a huge appliance that needs a personalized circuit or when adding more gadgets or appliances to the ones already installed.

If your breaker box or electrical panel is fully used and you need more space for the addition of new circuits, you may need to install a subpanel. Subpanels can support the installation of new circuits but your existing system must have space for a subpanel. On the other hand, if you need one or two supplementary circuits, you will need to obtain tandem breakers.  A tandem circuit breaker is a twin circuit breaker that consumes the space of a sole circuit breaker on a panel board.

Electrical Panel Replacement for Code Compliance

The National Electrical Code stipulates that you have sufficient circuits, the proper kind of circuits, and safe wiring. Electrical panel replacement manages various code violation by effectively correcting them. Violations such as;

• Missing AFCI breakers

• Missing GFCI protection

• False Circuit breakers

• Electrically Unearthed wiring

• A small number of receptacles or outlets

• Crowded service panel

• Unreachable Electrical panel and others

Subpanel or Bigger Main Panel?

A subpanel expands your electrical grid and offers additional breakers. This is better suited to projects such as wiring for light, connected to a swimming pool or a mechanical workshop. It is noteworthy that the subpanel is not a source of additional power but rather, it is a good option for adding breakers in a different place in the house without seeking for panel replacement services.

Basically, a homeowner has a 60-amp or 100-amp service that is not quite sufficient for the discharge of power. If your house is obsolete, the highest capacity you may have is 60-amp. Therefore, you will need to advance to a bigger electrical panel replacement with service inclusive. For more information on this topic contact us as Spyrka Electric Santa Rosa.

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