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Commercial Lighting Tips

Like an open sign, a cash register, computers and desk, the lighting at any place of business has a gigantic impact on productivity.

Great lighting can improve retail sales and the happiness of office workers. Additionally, inefficient old lighting systems can cost businesses big time on energy bills. Yet all too often organizations take lighting for granted or neglect to give it much thought at all. Ask your electrician with commercial expertise about how your lighting can be improved and you will thank yourself later for lighting up the workplace with great style and function.

Some key goals for better commercial lighting include:

    • Improving comfort and eye health for employees
    • Perfecting a comfortable workplace with a good mood
    • Making the shopping experience more enticing and engaging
    • Highlighting products and areas you want to promote
    • Helping consumers feel comfortable spending longer durations in your store
    • Improve energy efficiency and update related electrical systems

Depending on your location and needs, an electrician for commercial lighting can help you develop a strategy and implement a system to bring your lighting up to date in technology and better designed for performance.

Functional vs. Decorative

Make sure to think about a mix of functional and decorative lighting. If your business mostly needs and electrician for commercial work to set up technical lighting, you can still incorporate decorative lighting strategically in places like reception rooms, hallways, break rooms, and conference rooms, or anywhere customers may interact with products.

At the same time, a good electrician with commercial experience can help you ensure that even a highly artistic and decorative lighting scheme still provides adequate lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Lighting makes up about 20% of the average business’s utility costs, so a commercial electrician can help provide a solution that saves you real money down the road.

Replacing old bulbs with LED or other more efficient lighting can go a long way, but it’s not always as simple as screwing in a bulb. Commercial sites often need a larger retrofitting project to ensure that the lighting remains adequate, functional, and esthetically pleasing. State-of-the-art fluorescents may allow you to use less lighting overall after some rewiring, or you might ask the electrician to add a modern control system with energy-efficient options and automated settings.

Lighting for Indoors and Outdoors

Commercial-Electrician-Outdoor-LightingIf your business needs outdoor lighting, your electrician with commercial experience in this area can help you determine a lighting solution geared toward efficiency, a dramatic presentation, safety, or any other goal you may have.

Outdoor commercial lighting has many of the same needs as indoor lighting: you need functional, technically sound performance as well as a look that encourages a positive atmosphere—even when you are closed for business, you want the property looking good.

Great outdoor lighting can include new lamp posts and wall sconces, track lighting for under walkways, flood lights along paths, safety lights for parking lots, and impressive lighting to spotlight your company’s signage and the building itself.

When you need lighting work, your electrician commercial or otherwise should be able to demonstrate expertise and experience in the work you need done. For commercial work in particular, the scope of the project can vary greatly and you need someone prepared to handle the challenges, make helpful recommendations, and perform the work in a fast and professional way so you can keep conducting business as usual in the meantime. Your choice of commercial electrician will be the most important decisions you make along the way.