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A Commercial electrician must adhere to specific details and requirements for every industry.  Do you have a trusted commercial electrician who understands the needs of your business? From network wiring to industrial electrical systems, our team brings experience and skill appropriate for your industry, your work site, and the demands of your day-to-day operations.


Who can use a  Commercial Electrician

Office and Retail  

Every business needs a reliable and well-designed electrical system to power lighting, networking, security systems, and more. How would your business react in the face of an electrical outage? With a commercial electrician at your call, you can install or upgrade a modern system tailored to your business’s needs — making it extremely unlikely that a problem will interfere with your productivity or the customer experience.

Industrial and Warehouses 

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other industrial buildings require a different level of power. You need a commercial electrician with relevant experience. Safety measures, industry regulations, compliance standards, and the general reliability of your electrical system all depend on installations and repairs by a knowledgeable pro.

Rental Property Management 

If you manage commercial tenants, you can make your life easier by partnering with a commercial electrician to handle your projects and repairs. We handle routine inspections and maintenance, emergency services, repairs between tenants, and specialty electrical work. Consider us an extension of your property management team.

Restaurants and Entertainment 

Restaurants can call a commercial electrician to take care of everything from dramatic outdoor lighting for patios, to security lighting for the parking lot, to a reliable wiring system in the kitchen. We can wire you establishment for mounted televisions and audio systems to complete the atmosphere with a fully connected system.

Technology and Data Centers 

Server rooms and IT centers need electrical systems designed for failover systems and disaster recovery. As a commercial electrician with experience in this area, we can help install and service solutions that keep your network and servers powered up and highly reliable.

Healthcare and Hospitality 

Hospitals, health care providers, assisted living facilities and hotels all have unique needs to stay powered on and reliable 24/7. As your commercial electrician, we can help make sure that your electrical system conforms with compliance and best practices. From facility-wide internet network wiring to emergency backup generators, let us know what features you need.

If you are looking for a commercial electrician with experience servicing your industry, contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help. We service businesses in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and throughout Sonoma County.