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Worker using a multimeterWhen dealing with public spaces, Property Managers know that it’s always important to hire true professionals. The experience and skillset of a trained Commercial Electrician ensures the longevity and success of your project or business. Choosing the right commercial electrician will save you time, headaches and money.

Here are some tips for choosing a commercial electrician in Sonoma and Marin Counties:

      1. Always check the electrician’s business license and insurance up front. A contractor with excessive previous code violations may have their license revoked. If they have been involved in numerous accidents resulting in damage, their insurance may have spiked or lapsed. These credentials prove their ability to work within the law and guarantee your property in the event of shoddy workmanship or worker carelessness.


      1. Many electricians have detailed portfolios available for your perusal. Checking these for projects that are similar in nature and execution to own can give you a first hand look at what the commercial electrician is capable of. If there are only a limited number, the contractor may be inexperienced or only have a select few finished jobs they are proud of. If every example in the portfolio seems almost too good, you may be looking at a highlights reel of their work or even pictures of things they didn’t personally accomplish.


      1. If no portfolio is available, be sure the contractor is knowledgeable in the relevant work. Ask as many questions as you can and be sure they answer each one adequately and to your satisfaction. If they don’t seem to have an inside view of your specific project, they likely lack the experience necessary to meet all your expectations. It can also be helpful to check their complete understanding of the National Electric Code (NEC) beyond just a business license. Many of the codes have changed over the years so a thorough knowledge is actually quite rare.


    1. One of the best  ways to find a qualified commercial electrician is to ask around community and social events. Local friends and established business owners often have much insight regarding how to contact a real professional in the area. You can also visit online social media sites for recommendations. Investigating numerous avenues gives you the opportunity to see if certain a commercial electrician keeps getting mentioned favorably. Multiple positive reviews or mentions from unrelated sources are a good signal of quality.

When you first contact a potential commercial electrician, describe the nature of your job and ask them to come for an estimate in person. If they are not available soon, they may also be too busy to get your project finished in a timely manner. Also, if they are reluctant to come, they may have little experience in your specific situation. A confident commercial electrician will be ready to make an estimate whenever possible unless their schedule is in gridlock. During the estimate, judge their composure and see how they handle themselves. If they have a strong respect for your property while just visiting, they will be more likely to respect your property while they work on it.

If the commercial electrician is unable to offer at least a range of an estimate on the spot, they probably lack experience but may still have reputability. A professional commercial electrician sometimes needs to value the entire job with an itemized list and market-price calculations but should be able to generate a best-guess within a certain range of accuracy even for bigger jobs.

Quite simply, if you’re looking into hiring a commercial electrician for your next job, be sure to consider their credentials and rely on numerous testimonials before settling on anything.