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Wireless networks have changed the way we live and work, but Wi-Fi connections can be notoriously spotty indoors. Did you decide where the modem goes—or is it just sitting next to whichever cable jack the installer chose? The simple solution for better networking at home or at the office is to add Cat5 cabling for lightning-fast, secure connections wherever you want.

Benefits of Wired Networks

CAT5 CablingWireless needs no explanation. You’re always going to love being able to connect your laptop, phone, and tablet from wherever you are with no strings (or cables) attached.

Medium and large businesses almost all use in-building cabling for direct, secure connections to the Internet and the local network. Here’s why you should add Cat5 cabling to your small office or for home network wiring:

  • Faster Internet and data than wireless
  • More secure than a wireless connection
  • Less prone to dropped connections
  • Better Wi-Fi coverage (place modems wherever you want)
  • Not expensive (even really long Cat5 cabling is cheap)

Structured Cabling

For the safest, most reliable, fastest network, your business needs a structured cabling system. This basically means that you have a full Cat5 cabling infrastructure throughout the building. Structured cabling is now standard for all office environments as well as schools, dormitories, and hospitals.

If you don’t want a patchwork of cables and wires all over the office, get organized with new Cat5 cabling installation by a commercial electrician.

More Cat5 Cabling Improves Wi-Fi, Too

Ever experienced poor Wi-Fi in a hotel? Next time, bring an Ethernet cable with you and plug it in. You’d be amazed how much faster the cabled connection is.

Building materials that slow down or block wireless signals include drywall, brick, metal, and even glass and wood. No wonder your building has dead zones. Installing more Cat5 cabling lets you add more Wi-FI routers or place your routers in prime locations.

At home, you can wire more cables so the modem and router can reach the rooms where you need better Wi-FI. At work, you can bring connectivity to the front lobby, the meeting room in the back, or for retail employees who use iPads. The possibilities are endless if you have Cat5 cabling in place.

Cat5 Cabling Installation

In the Sonoma County area, we see all kinds of homes and businesses that need cabling installed. Converting an old farmhouse into a winery or restaurant? Turning an old building in downtown Santa Rosa into an office space? You need an electrician to wire the Cat5 cabling throughout the building.

If your office has a spider’s web of wires all over the place, or your IT team contends with network connectivity problems, we can help with in-building Cat5 cabling. For industries with data security breach concerns or tough compliance standards, a fully wired system reduces risk and makes networks stronger.

Spyrka Electric provides expert service for home and commercial wiring installation in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and the Sonoma County area.

Contact us to schedule a visit and get a free estimate for Cat5 cabling and other telecom and data networking solutions by a licensed electrician.


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