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Earlier this year heavy rains, mudslides, and flash floods ravaged the Bay area damaging infrastructure, shutting down major highways, and causing power outages for tens of thousands of residents. If you lost power due to the storms it may have convinced you to finally do the backup generator installation you’ve been thinking about.

Why You Need a Backup Generator

Backup Generator Outside Building

It only takes the first time your backup generator kicks in to appreciate its usefulness. It provides light, heat, and electricity for days or weeks after a blackout when power is restored. With models available in a range of sizes and budgets, generators have become increasingly popular throughout areas that experience severe weather. But every home can benefit from having one, as not all outages are caused by storms. Downed trees, collisions with utility poles, and high power demand can all contribute to the problem. And the area’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs may lead to prolonged power outages during wildfire season.

How They Work

Most emergency backup generators operate on either natural gas or propane and are comprised of two main components:

  • The standby generator unit
  • An automated transfer switching system

The two components work together to maintain constant electrical power for your home when there is an outage. Some systems require a manual transfer, others rely upon a highly dependable automatic transfer switch system.

Also known as a whole house or standby generator, the unit is permanently connected and automatically turns on when utility power supply is interrupted. Within seconds, power is supplied to your home and you can continue your daily routine with appliances, lighting, and electronics working normally.

Backup Generator Installation: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Installing a backup generator requires skill and careful attention to detail. A concrete pad is built for the generator to sit on and electrical wiring and gas hookups are required.

For these reasons, we don’t recommend backup generator installation as a DIY project. Hiring a professional electrician ensures the installation is done according to all local, state, and national codes, especially if you need to upgrade the electrical panel. Professional installation also protects your equipment’s warranty and prevents voiding your homeowners insurance policy.

Learn More

Backup generators are not inexpensive but they can be one of the smartest pieces of home equipment you invest in for the safety and comfort of your home and family. They’re easy to run and an experienced pro can help you understand what size and power you need, recommending options that best fit your energy needs.

Ready to move forward with a backup generator installation in your Sonoma or Marin County area home? Spyrka Electric has installed countless standby generators for your neighbors and we would love to do the same for you. To learn more about standby generators, how they work, and why it’s best to leave installation to the pros, contact us by phone, email, or online. We’re here to meet all your home power needs!