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There’s always a simple solution for how to fix bathroom fan noise. Either the problem is solved in a few minutes, or else you need to replace the entire system. For those who are tired of a headache-inducing noisy fan, you’ll be glad to know that a super-quiet bathroom fan does not need to cost too much.

Prefer to avoid replacing a bathroom fan? Good news. You might be able to reduce bathroom fan noise with a screwdriver or duster. Just be sure to turn off power at the panel and call an electrician if you’re unsure of your way around.

Bathroom fan noise

My Bathroom Fan Has Always Been Noisy

If you’ve been living with too much bathroom fan noise for as long as you can remember, you probably want to consider replacement. The unit might be working too hard because it’s too small for the space.

Look for cubic feet per minute ratings (CFM) and find a fan with CFM equal to or greater than the square footage of the bathroom. Then choose a model with a low sone rating—less than 1.0 for very quiet, or 1.0 to 2.0 if you like a little hum for privacy.

On the other hand, did you live in your home when the vent was installed? If not, go ahead and try cleaning the motor and fan blades to see if it helps.

There’s Suddenly Too Much Bathroom Fan Noise

Your fan has recently started rumbling, squealing, or rattling. This could mean anything: debris clogging the vent, a fan that needs tightening, or a motor that needs electrical repair or replacement. 

Here are some steps to troubleshoot bathroom fan noise that gradually gets worse:

  • Turn off power at the circuit breaker. Use a voltage tester to make sure it’s off.
  • Use compressed air or a vacuum hose to clean the motor and vent.
  • Remove large debris by hand. Ensure fan blades haven’t been bent.
  • Tighten screws on the bathroom fan motor and vent cover.
  • Lubricate moving parts with a lightweight lube or sewing machine oil.

After cleaning up the dust bunnies and debris, tighten everything you can and then turn the breaker back on and test. If there’s still too much bathroom fan noise, you probably need to replace the motor or the entire unit.

Replace a Bathroom Fan or Just the Motor?

Many people choose to replace the motor. This saves you the trouble of installing a new bathroom fan with a larger or smaller grille than the old one. A perfect solution for bathroom fan noise from the motor, but it won’t help if the fan blades or something else is to blame.

If adjusting and cleaning the equipment does not help, you might as well replace the whole bathroom ventilation system. It barely costs more than a motor replacement, and you can choose the sound rating and get the right CFM for better ventilation.

Not comfortable with bathroom fan wiring? Need to install a new unit? Ask your local electrician in Sonoma County to do the job. We’ll save your free time, prevent DIY injuries, and ensure you get the quietest level of bathroom fan noise.

Contact us for an installation estimate or to schedule an appointment for troubleshooting bathroom fan noise.

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