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Since the discovery of electricity centuries ago it has proven to be more and more useful and is onsidered a very essential resource. Electricity plays a fundamental role in the in development and sustainability of modern societies. Although extremely useful we should always remember that if not handled properly electricity can pose serious or even fatal threats to individuals and cause substantial damage to property.

According to statistics revealed by The National Association of State Fire Marshall  (www.nasfm.org) faulty electrical systems is one of the main causes of house fires that take place in the country. Therefore it is necessary to safeguard our homes and families with up to date and efficient electrical systems.

Aluminum Wiring For Your Home

Aluminum WiringIn older homes where the electrical wiring systems may be of an older nature aluminum wiring systems were among the most commonly used. During the fifties through to the seventies many homes were assembled with aluminum wiring systems. This was mainly because the price of copper which was normally used for electrical wires had significantly increased and using aluminum as the next alternative would help to cut cost. Even though the use of aluminum significantly reduced cost and showed potential for increased conductivity it possesses several, potential, issues that make it problematic for long term use. Since it is way softer than copper it stands more of a chance of being damaged, cut or broken. It also tends to rust disrupting the flow of electricity which can eventually cause several other issues.

Nevertheless two of the most common issues found with aluminum wiring systems were improper installation and the issue of co-efficiency with expansion between aluminum wiring and the termination used during the sixties. To be a bit more specific the branch circuit wiring systems used during this period were specifically designed for copper conductors.

Another issue encountered around that same time was the fact that the steel screw became more commonly used than brass screw on receptacles so as aluminum wiring was installed more frequently relative changes were needed to improve the means of connecting and terminating smaller aluminum wire.

Apart from issues of co-efficiency and compatibility when aluminum becomes heated it expands and contracts which results in a constant fluctuation in the size of wires. Eventually this repeated change will cause wires to become loose and out of place. This too presented another reason why using aluminum wiring can be problematic and poses potential hazards to homes or individuals.

Corrosion is yet another issue that has been cited as one of the reasons that aluminum wiring has been deemed problematic. Once the corrosion of wiring takes place it makes way for several electrical and fire hazards including the exposure to lethal jolts of electricity that can cause serious harm or even be fatal.

So if you live in an older home that carries an aluminum wiring system or you have an aluminum wiring system but you believe it is outdated or faulty you should consider upgrading your system as soon as possible. Contact us and we will come and assess the situation and get your electrical system up to speed before any major problems, injury or damage is caused. Contact us for more information.