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You’ve probably heard at some point in time about the benefits of LED lighting.  If not then keep on reading.  If you have, you should still read on in case there is something of importance that you have not been told.

Today, LED offers the most successful way of illumination and lighting with an approximated 80%-90% of production energy.  Unlike the traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs, 80% of the electrical energy is changed to light. Whereas, 20% is lost and changed into other forms of electricity such as heat. On the other hand the incandescent light bulbs function at 20% of its energy production and 80% is lost to heat.

The lengthy functioning life of LED lights act as an accumulator and aid in obtaining more energy productivity.  Areas that require heavy lighting find this improvement quite effective. It is seen as a great investment to install LED lighting. Many homeowners have capitalized on this great savings.


Additional Benefits

LED lights are free of hazardous chemicals and 100% recyclable.  Unlike the conventional fluorescent lights that contain a large amount of materials such as mercury that is harmful to our environment.  LED lights will also assist in decreasing your carbon footprint.  IT lengthy functioning life as mentioned before explains that one LED light bulbs would help to preserve materials and the manufacturing of at least 25 incandescent light bulbs.

Now think of the environment for a moment.  There is a great impact when you look at the amount of resources used to make traditional lights.  The earth’s natural resources can be depleted due to constant misuse. The duty is ours the preserve the environment and in this instance it means switching to LED lighting.

LED lights are lasting and are manufactured with strong parts that are well-built and can survive the most aggressive circumstances. Now that’s a great benefit.

LEDs are unaffected by shock, vibrations and external impacts.  In other words they make excellent choices for outdoor lighting systems as they can withstand the most harsh conditions such as rain, wind, public exposure, construction etc. Think of all the money you can save just by installing these durable fixtures.

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